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Image Gallery

The Infamous Bautista Bat Throw

I like this image as it showcases
a milestone of the Toronto Blue Jays
winning Game 5.

Raptors 2015 Playoffs Crowd

I like this image because its shows
the crowd of people who attended
Game 1 of the Raptors 2015 Playoffs.

My Audi Q5

I like this image because it reminds
me of my first automobile purchase.
I love my Audi Q5.

A view of Montego Bay from my hotel room

I like this image because it
reminds me of my recent trip to
Montego Bay in Jamaica

Rajeev and Tania at Universal Studios Hollywood

I like this image as it reminds me
of my trip in 2009 to Universal
Studios Florida with my sister Tania.

Wedding Candle Ceremony

I like this image as it is a personal
memory. I was ordained as a minister
to perform my sister's wedding ceremony.

It would be difficult for me to designate one place as “My City”. From a very young age, I have moved around the world due to my father’s position at his place of employment. His position with a reputed bank had required him to move to different places around the world, where my family and I were able to gain meaningful cultural exposure, at the same time, see new places in other parts of the world.

Some of the cities in which I have lived include:

  • New York, NY
  • Middletown, NJ
  • Mumbai, India
  • Chennai, India
  • Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Singapore
  • Seoul, South Korea
  • Oakville, Ontario
  • Mississauga, Ontario
  • Toronto, Ontario (Presently where I reside)

Mumbai, India

MumbaiBetween 1989 and 1990, my father was stationed in Mumbai, India. I had spent the first three months living at the Grand Oberoi hotel, followed by living at an apartment in the outskirts of Mumbai, in a city known as Colaba, for 8.5 months following.

During my time in Mumbai, I was able to learn about the daily lifestyle of a typical every day Indian person. One of the things I enjoyed about my time in this city, was frequently visiting the local fruits/vegetable markets, taking walks in the evening on Marine Drive, and exploring new Indian dishes from local street vendors.



Chennai, India

ChennaiBetween 1990 and 1993, my father was relocated to Chennai (then known as Madras) as part of his assignment with his company. During this time, I was attending a reputed school learning official Indian languages, such as Hindi, Bengali, and Tamil.

One of the most memorable experiences during my time in Chennai, was attending a school in which I was required to wear a formal uniform. At this time, I was also required to recite the Indian National Anthem each morning in my classroom. I had also experienced a few hardships, such as learning to read/write in Sanskrit. This was challenging for me, since I was coming from the USA, where primarily I was taught to read and write in English alphabet. I was able to overcome this challenge by asking for a personal tutor to assist me after school initially.



Jakarta, Indonesia

Jakarta SkylineAt the end of 1992, my father was relocated to Jakarta, capital city of Indonesia. The transition was quite exhilarating for me, since I was told that I would be moving to another city, in another country, where I would be attending a school which is comprised of children who come from other countries as well. I was also quite excited to attend this new school, since I would no longer be required to wear a uniform, and would be able to wear casual clothing which I was accustomed to.

Living in Jakarta, I was able to make friends with expatriates’ kids who came from places in the US, Canada, Iran, and India. This allowed me to meet people with whose cultures I could relate to. One of my most memorable experiences in Jakarta, was visiting the Borobodur Temple and Mount Bromo volcanos.




Singapore SkylineIn between 1995 and 1996, my father was relocated to Singapore for 6 months due to a political outbreak in Indonesia, which required all foreign expatriates to vacate the country. Since Singapore was a 1 hour flight ride, and mainly a city in South East Asia, which connects travelers to their final destination, we had chosen to go to Singapore due to its reputation of being a clean, friendly, and fast paced environment where members of all cultures are accepted without discrimination.

If anyone was to ask me what my favorite city to visit would be, I would definitely say Singapore. This city as it all: tourism, food, fashion, good weather, and a high concentration of Indians as well as people who can speak several Asian languages, such as Malay, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hakka, and Bahasa Indonesia.

One of my most memorable experiences in Singapore, was visiting the Sentosa Island, which is connected by cable carts.